Welcome to OG
Ducks Spaceshuttle
The Original Gem Ducks are the pioneering community of the GemDucks.
The OG Ducks are presented as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), generated from over 200 different traits ranging from spectacular attires, timelines, careers and loads of accessories.
Owning an OG Duck implies being a pioneer. It's a gateway, a placeholder to the emerging world of GemTexch filled with awesome utilities, fun contests, and a pact to also improve the adoption of NFTs. Oh! the OG Ducks will be featuring in our first game development😉. This collection has been uniquely created as an entry point to our upcoming game verse.
As you're reading past this point, here's a big HIGH FIVE from the Gem community, an invite to further tour our website and hopefully get your very own OG Duck here.
OG Duck #4
OG Duck #6
OG Duck #5
OG Duck #7
Build A Pioneer Community
Build Value
Innovate The Space
Incentivize Holders
  • Pre-sale Mint
  • Listing / Verifying OG DUcks on secondary market places.
  • Open Public Sale
  • Staking OG Ducks⌨️
  • Launching GEMTY ( Utility and governance token.)
  • Game Development
  • Alpha Release
  • Releasing a new collection
  • Beta Release
  • Pushing listings for GEMTY
  • Standard Release
  • Talks on DAO?
• Non-fungible Tokens are unique cryptographically issued digital assets with proof and history of ownerships stored on a blockchain making records immutable. OG Ducks are NFTs.
  • • It costs 100TLOS to mint an OG Duck. This price goes for the whole collection.
  • The reveal will be done once the public sale kicks off.
  • The OG Duck collection is limited to a maximum supply of 50 NFTs.
  • • The OG Ducks precedes all offers of GemTexch, we plan to imbue the OG Ducks in all our endeavors providing utilities such as staking OG Ducks to receive TLOS/GMTY, using OG Ducks as in-game assets, earning royalties off your OG Duck (passive income).
  • Well, All OG Ducks are rarer than the others 😉
  • No, the minting process goes in ascending order
  • • For all reasons it exists. Going from its very low carbon footprint 🌱 which mitigates the adverse effect of NFTs on the climate to the very fast transactions speed and of course ensuring users do not spend outrageous amount on gas fees⛏️. Being of the Telos blockchain provides the confidence of a smooth and enjoyable user experience on web3. Want to try it? Go ahead and mintan OG Duck 😁